Computer Science

Computer Science I

Computer Science explores and builds skills in programming and a basic understanding of the fundamentals of procedural program development using structured, modular concepts. Coursework emphasizes logical program design involving user-defined functions and standard structure elements. Discussions will include the role of data types, variables, structures, addressable memory locations, arrays and pointers and data file access methods. An emphasis on logical program design using a modular approach, which involves task oriented program functions. 

It also introduces students to the basic concepts of databases including types of databases, general database environments, and the importance of data to the business world. Discussion with hands-on activities will include database design, normalization of tables, and development of tables, queries, reports, and applications. Students will be familiarized with the use of ANSI standard Structured Query Language. Discussions will include database administration and data maintenance. Students will be introduced to data concepts such as data warehousing, data mining, and BIG Data. Students will develop a business application using database software. Students will be required to demonstrate skills such as team building, work ethic, communications, documentation, and adaptability.

Though this video does not feature the program at SICTC, it does capture the purpose and mission of the program at SICTC.