Radio/TV Communications

ImageRadio/TV Communications is a two year class.

Radio/TV Broadcasting/Telecommunications-1 is an Academic and Practicum Class.

Radio/TV Broadcasting/Telecommunications-2 is a Practicum Class.

This program is for a student interested in a career and further schooling in Business, Broadcasting (radio, TV, cable), Journalism (news and sports), Public Relations, Advertising/Marketing, Communications/Media, Management, Audio Production and Engineering, or just wanting to better their speaking and writing skills and learn how to function in a “Real Life” business environment.

RTV will provide instruction to develop and enhance competencies in various communication, marketing, media, production and technical functions and tasks performed by employees, including management personnel, in Radio/TV Broadcasting and Telecommunications occupations. Radio/TV Broadcasting Telecommunications is an intensive study of broadcasting theory, history, law and regulations, programming, promotion, advertising, marketing, journalistic writing (News and Sports), and lab (on-air and production), and involves on-air broadcast training on WPSR radio station.

The course includes classroom/academic study, lectures, discussion, presentations, written assignments and exams. The course will also incorporate studio/production and on-air training. Students will submit a demo of their production work and an air-check of their on-air talent.

The class provides special training in digital audio production, “on-air” techniques (speaking and technical), interviewing skills, creative and journalistic writing skills, understanding and application of broadcast theory and law, promotion, advertising and marketing skills. Students may qualify for internships and/or employment at local broadcast facilities.

A student should be qualified to apply for a position as an entry level disc jockey, assistant promotion person, assistant public affairs person, or an entry level production person at a commercial or public radio station or TV station. Students are trained and prepared to work at a college radio station. Students are encouraged to further their education at a two or four-year college or university.

Real World Experience
103.1 GBF
99.5 WKDQ